Radio FM Partner Privacy Policy

RadioFM is hereby stating its Privacy Policy for its Radio FM Partners app and website. This policy can also be known as a valid, but without consideration agreement of RadioFM with its user. All the users are strongly suggested to go through the policy before accepting its terms.

“Privacy Policy”: – is the private policy of RadioFM for its Radio FM Partners app and website , which the user can accept or deny. If the user accepts it, it will be considered that the user has gone through the averments of this policy and has accepted the same without any doubt or confusion. This policy cannot be accepted or denied partly by the user. This privacy policy will be referred as policy hereinafter.

“RadioFM”: – is the master of this policy is known as RFM hereinafter. RadioFM (in shorten used as “RFM”) is a company, RadioFM which provides a platform to Radio Broadcasters to index their Radio Station(s) in various Products, Applications and Devices but not limited to Websites, Apps, Smart Devices, Online directories, Mobiles Apps, In-car Entertainment systems, Entertainment devices, Robotics, Smart TVs, developed, designed by RadioFM or its subsidiaries (collectively referred as “Apps”)

“App”: – is a mobile application made by the Company for the broadcasters to list and manage their radio channel

“User”: – Every Broadcaster, who lists or downloads the app with intention to list its Radio Channel with the Company voluntarily and out of its free will.

“State”: – is the country of the user.

“Features”: – Features available on the app subject to network services and also subject to the permission of the country of the user.

“Objectionable Content”: Any of Audible content defender hereunder shall be the Objectionable Content: -

  • Abusive content: means the content, which is vulgar, obscene, filthy, derogatory, defamatory, pornographic, abusive or punishable by any law, any abusive language, harmful to child, paedophilic, invasive of another’s privacy including bodily privacy, insulting or harassing on the basis of gender, ethnically objectionable, relating to encouraging money laundering or gambling or otherwise inconsistent with or contrary to laws of user or Company in force.
  • Offensive content: means data or content arranged, managed or manipulated, forged, fabricated, hacked by the user or by any other person/third party, legal entity by any means or through any device, system, technology or from any place, contains any software virus, or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource, patently false and untrue, written or published in any form with intent to mislead or harass a person, entity or agency for financial gain or to cause any injury to any person or making a content by violating any law of the land of user or company or both;
  • IPR Violating Content: means any content, which infringes any patent, copyright, trademarks, sign, expression, pictures or any of the proprietary rights of any person or entity, belongs to another person which user does not have right;
  • Anti-National Content: means the content, which is anti-national, anti- religion, hate speech, racism, colouring remarks, threatening the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign State/s, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents investigation, of any offence or insulting other nation

The only purpose of the Company is to provide a platform to the broadcaster to list/index its radio channel with the Company. The details given as under: -

  • Since this policy is written in simple English language and thus, the Company has no liability to translate into the any particular/specific language of user and while going through this policy and while accepting this policy, it will be believed that the user has accepted the same after going through the same in his/her own language/vernacular.
  • All the services hereinafter provided are being provided by the Company without any type of consideration. No consideration in any manner will be charged from the user. If at any time, the Company thinks about charging any existing service or newly launched service, it will not be charged without the consent of the user. In such a situation, every user will have the right to choose any services either paid or free before availing the same.
  • The Company requires the following information from the user while registering in the app-
    • Name of User
    • Active Email ID of User
    • Country/State of User
  • The information provided by the user will be accepted as correct information. the user shall be solely responsible for the information provided by it to the Company. Company suggests the user to keep its Email ID active and also to update the Company, if it is changed anytime. Company may disclose said information as required by the courts of law or by any concerned investigation agency of the State or required by competent Govt. Authority of the State of the user or of the Company.
  • User indemnifies the Company from any prosecution or legal action arising or related to the wrong or incomplete information provided by the User.
  • While adding the radio channel, the company requires (i) stream link, (ii), station name, (iii) description, (iv) short description, (v) slogan, (vi) logo, (vii) ownership proof, (viii) genre, (ix) language, (x) website, (xi) stream bitrate, (xii) stream type, (xiii) twitter link, (xiv) instagram link, (xv) facebook link, (xvi) VK link, (xvii) linkedin link, (xviii) email address, (xix) broadcast type, (xx) call sign, (xxi) frequency, (xxii) geographical accessibility, (xxiii) subscription type, (xxiv) radio timing, (xxv) country, (xxvi) state, (xxvii) city, (xxviii) address, (xxix) pincode, (xxx) contact number
  • Company provides platform to the user to:-
    • Register/Login
    • Add a new station
    • Claim an existing station
    • View the statistics related to their radio stations
    • Chat with their listeners
  • The information provided by the User shall be used by the Company with its other allied offices, which actually works for the betterment and development of the Company without the knowledge of the user and the user will have no objection to it.
  • The user is advised to keep his/her account user details safe and secure and not to share them with anyone else.
  • Company also provides the user control over his own data.
  • Company shall not be responsible for error during the chat between user and its listener, occurred due to network failure by any reason.
  • While adding radio channel etc., User assures the Company that said radio channel, links etc are exclusively owned by it having all Intellectual Property Rights over the same.
  • The Company shall not allow the objectionable content. Company reserves the right to remove the objectionable content with immediate effect. Company may also stop/block or suspend the activation of the app of User.
  • Users are authorized to uninstall the app anytime. But the information once provided by the User will be retained by the Company for security purposes.
  • The company and End-User acknowledge and agree that Apple, and Apple’s subsidiaries, are third party beneficiaries of the CEULA. Upon the End-User’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of this CEULA, Apple will have the right (and will be deemed to have accepted the right) to enforce the EULA against the End-User as a third party beneficiary thereof.
  • The company uses “an identifier on the device of the user”, that may collect or receive either itself or from a third party in any manner the personal data of a user or the company may use the same for its own or for its associates or at any place as per the choice of company.
  • The user is advised to install updates from time to time from the website of the company or play store or app store or by opting ‘update’ displayed on the app whenever it is displayed.
  • The company may update the app automatically and for updation, the consent of any user is not required and only acceptance of this agreement will be deemed as consent to the updation of the app though the user does not have the compatible device to operate the app. However, the user may run the older version of the app.
  • The consent of the user is not required if the company wishes to change or modify any term either wholly or partly.
  • User, if operating in India or from India shall follow all the Laws, rules and regulations including the ‘Information Technology Act 2000’ and ‘Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines Digital Media Ethics Code) 2021’
  • In case of any grievance, the Grievance Officer of Company Atul may be contacted at email ID or contact No..7814933000
  • This privacy policy is subject to the Indian Law.
  • The dispute, if any, regarding the terms of this policy, shall be referred to the sole arbitrator having knowledge of Indian laws, who will be appointed by the company. The place of arbitrator shall be at Chandigarh India. The fee of arbitration shall be paid by the user or company who will raise the dispute. The proceedings of dispute from beginning to end shall be recorded in the English language.

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